Ratings will soar.  It’s as simple as that.

Weather is the single most watched component of the daily television news program.  The weather is so popular because it assists viewers to make daily decisions, in other words, the weather is the news; so if it’s accompanied with engaging scripting and spectacular presentation, viewers will be glued to it.

There’s another bonus too. An engaging weather segment will not only boost ratings for your own program, but it will boost ratings for adjacent programs as well, thereby providing an advertising nugget for the entire network.

Weatherzone® is the market leader in the provision of: weather graphics, content systems, scripts and briefing services to the television broadcast industry.   ABC, Channel 10 and Prime TV enjoy the benefits of our
state of the art technology and meteorological excellence – you can too.  If you need innovative and customised solutions that incorporate beautiful graphics and eye catching animations, then we are the company for you.  Please visit  Why Choose Us? for more details.

Benefits of using Weatherzone for your television broadcasting needs

  • Advertising magnet. Weather content captivates your audience and keeps them glued to adjacent programming.  It becomes an advertising magnet.
  • Weather that pulls the viewers in. Our weather information is accurate, engaging, easily understood and visually spectacular through eye catching animations and beautiful graphics.
  • Scripting that engages. Your presenter gets weather information that is vibrant and interesting, so that the segment unfolds in a unique and exciting way.
  • Breaking news. Viewers will turn to you at lightning pace thanks to our accurate, breaking weather news.
  • Network loyalty. Your program and your network will be perceived to be professional, trustworthy and credible when you utilise our state of the art technology.
  • Innovative style. You can have a weather segment that blends in with your look and content, or our graphics department will work with your network to create a completely unique style.  Regardless, the result is an individual and innovative solution.
  • Experience. When you partner with us, you get the experience, expertise and dedication of a market leader.
  • Ease of use. The content will be provided in all broadcast formats from SD 4:3 up to HD 1080i 16:9.
  • Outstanding customer support. Weather programs fully are supported by Weatherzone expertise, customer support and unrivalled weather content.

Weatherzone® products

  • Metacast® Viking. Weatherzone® has partnered with leading European weather graphics developer, Weatherone, to bring the most advanced TV weather graphics to the Australian market.
  • WeatherStream®. Weatherzone® can generate your complete weather show in-house and deliver it on a daily basis, in whatever format your play out system requires.
  • Scripting Services. Weatherzone® tailors scripts so that your presenter’s spiel is as interesting and accurate as the graphics.  The scripts will meet your style and time constraints.
  • Telephone Briefing Services. Weatherzone® provides briefing services to provide accurate information during severe and breaking weather situations.
  • Custom Weather Feeds. Weatherzone has access to more weather-related data and content than any other organisation in Australia. All this can be fed directly in TV weather graphics allowing us to produce the most compelling and complete weather shows.

Get in touch

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