Stormtracker® updates extreme weather conditions every 60 seconds on one interface.  Now that’s efficient.

Stormtracker® is a unique all-in-one interface that maps lightning, rain radar, satellite clouds, wind and temperature in real-time, and on a single map based interface. Stormtracker® has revolutionised the monitoring of live weather data.

Storm Tracker

The benefits of Weatherzone® Stormtracker®

  • Streamlines efficiency. A single interface displays all available live weather data, eradicating the need for multiple monitors.
  • Can be used by managers in all industries. Stormtracker is ideal for: energy network operators, telecommunication network managers, mine managers, construction managers, golf course officials, stadium and event operators, forestry staff, and fire protection agencies.
  • Completely customised to specific needs.  Custom versions can include operator assets such as electricity lines, mine sites or stadium positions.  Live bushfire data can also be optionally switched on.
  • Lightning fast updates! Data updates every 60 seconds making it the industry-leading choice for monitoring severe weather.

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