How Weatherzone Business forecasts wind energy and its power



Weatherzone Business, a DTN company, offers wind and power generation forecasting to assist in determining your wind farm’s output, reducing costly errors. 

Whether you have an existing windfarm, or looking for an optimal wind farm location, we provide crucial data to give you greater awareness of your generation capacity. From vertical wind profiling, to identifying alternative scenarios and RAMP events, we have you covered. We can assist with: 

  • Rapid Update Forecasting– 5-minute forecasting up to 72 hours and hourly forecasting out to 10 days for full awareness. 
  • RAMP Event Prediction- Understand when significant generation impacts will occur so you can mitigate risk. 
  • Advanced Generation Forecasting-Multi-level wind profiles, meta-data management and input data QC ensures precision. 

We work closely with you, pushing the boundaries of science and technology, to identify and fulfil your individual business needs. A tailored and consolidated solution, making your everyday more effective. 


How can Weatherzone keep windfarm staff and assets safe and efficiency high?  

With lightning strikes, severe weather, flood and fire posing risk to wind farms across Australia, we have tailored solutions that can significantly improve your oversight and response. 

Stormtracker, Weatherzone’s fully visualised Geographic Information System (GIS), plots ‘live’ lightning strikes, aged to 60 mins and mapped over your farm. This provides enhanced spatial awareness and understanding of the potential threat of storm activity to your operations and valuable assets. 

Our proactive alerting systems can be configured to your requirements, aligning with local site needs, procedures and legislation.  Our team of meteorologists and data scientists are there, every step of the way, to provide you with tailored insights. 

Your weather intelligence needs are as individual as your renewables business, and we collaborate with you to bring ease to your day to day.  Together we can improve safety and achieve optimal efficiency. For more information, please contact us at