Polar blast delivers heavy snow to the Aussie alps.



The largest snowfall event this year for the NSW alps has begun, thanks to a moist easterly air stream wrapping around an East Coast Low and icy temperatures. In fact, the snow level dropped down to about 700 metres above sea level in southern NSW today, with snow falling well down the mountains, as well as the peaks. 

Perisher and Thredbo observed 5-10cm of fresh snow overnight last night into this morning (figure 1). While another 10-20cm has fallen up until mid-afternoon today at Perisher and Thredbo.


Figure 1: Snowfall at Thredbo Wednesday morning, Credit: Thredbo Resort

Heavy snow is expected to continue tonight, as moisture laden air continues to stream over the alps. During the next 24 hours another 10-20cm of snow could fall. The snowfall is expected to ease on Thursday, as the moist easterly winds shift to the south. 

The snow is forecast to pick up again from Friday, as the East Coast Low nears the southern NSW coastline. During Friday and Saturday, an additional 5-10cm is forecast each day, likely easing by Sunday. 

The event in total could see between 30-50cm of snow, leading to a very healthy snowpack for the hydro lake levels after the snow melts. As well as ensuring an epic start to the NSW resort ski season. 

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