Energy Generation
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Accurate weather information
for business critical decisions

Weatherzone’s Energy services are designed to put the power back in your hands. Our principle value proposition to the energy industry is the timely delivery of highly accurate weather information, to allow intelligent and effective decision making, reducing weather risk and maximizing profit. Weatherzone leads the energy industry with a wide range of products and systems that allow better visibility on forecast generation (such as wind and solar) as well as demand.

No matter how volatile the market is, Weatherzone’s energy services are designed to give you the tools to understand risk and make quick and correct decisions.

Rapid Update Forecast Systems

Our OpticastTM system generates accurate and precise forecasts of temperature, humidity, wind speed and pressure, which are critical for plant operation and accurate demand forecasting. With resolutions and updates down to 10 minutes, your forecast is never out of date.

Tailored forecasts

You get the united brilliance of a dedicated team of Meteorologists, atmospheric modellers and data modellers who will tailor forecasts to your unique requirements.

Seamless integration

All forecasts are site-specific, allowing seamless integration into existing load and plant models.

Energy Specific Systems

Weatherzone Energy services deliver more than just a weather forecast, we provide energy specific decision making tools. Whether you require HDD/CDD or EDD forecasts, solar, wind generation, gas demand or power, Weatherzone’s services are designed for you.

Intuitive, customised and reliable

All-in-one Dashboard

Weatherzone services are delivered through its flagship web based interfaces, accessible by any staff, anytime, anywhere. Designed for your business, the interface provides you with the complete weather and environmental picture and critical business decision making tools, allowing you to make the right decision every time.


Customised overlays on Google Maps provide accurate, real-time monitoring.

Expert advice,24/7

Powerful forecast modules are coupled with written notes from our team of professional meteorologists, so you can plan operations with precise and timely forecasts.

Alerting & SMS

Automatic alerts based on site specific variables sent to wherever you are, when you need to make decisions.

Energy Generation & Demand Products


Highly detailed forecasts, updated every hour.

Total Lightning

Australia’s only Total Lightning Network.

Operational Forecast

Business Integrated Forecast Systems


Quick verification of weather-related insurance claims.


Observations, lightning, radar, satellite and your site on a single animating display.


World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) qualified meteorologists.

Solar Generation

A solar forecast system giving you expected solar generation.

Wind Generation

Precision forecast systems delivering certainty into wind generation.

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