Equip your sites with WZBob, and achieve sitewide lightning alerting



Weatherzone’s WZBob expansion system extends your lightning alerting capabilities in the field, ensuring your staff stay safe and aware. 

With a combination of light beacons, sounders and a modular, scalable configuration, you can customise the setup to suit any site arrangement and maximise your coverage. 

Seamless, Scalable Integration 

WZBob easily integrates with your existing lightning detection network, providing a no-fuss option for increased safety coverage that is scalable. The dual effectiveness of the Total Lightning Network and the WZBob alerting capacities ensure lightning proximity accuracy, increasing safety and decreasing unnecessary shutdowns. 

The image below shows the typical system set up which is simple to install, completely automated and supported.  

 typical system set up

Image: WZBob and lightning network typical setup  

Keeping your people and assets safe 

WZBob improves your awareness of lightning risk on sight by ensuring sitewide lightning risk communication for your operations. The light and sound alerts give everyone adequate time to act quickly when thresholds are breached. 

The system can reduce Incidents in the Field and customise your response plans to lightning by; 

  • Providing clear light and sound-based alerts, which decreases your team’s reliance on mobile phones, keeping their focus on the work at hand. 
  • Customising WzBob to your Trigger Action Response Plans (TARPs) and other requirements, ensuring you are solidifying the safety of your sites based on your existing, functional parameters. 

For more information on WZBob and our lightning alerting services, please contact us at business@weatherzone.com.au.