Stay ahead with Weatherzone this storm season



Lightning is one of the most dangerous weather phenomena and awareness of its location or distance from your workplace is paramount to safety.  

Fortunately, Weatherzone’s lightning detection and lightning alerting systems can reduce incidents in the field, improve awareness of lightning risk and minimise down time in the field.  

Weatherzone’s Total Lightning Network is a network of ground-based sensors that delivers the most reliable and precise lightning detection in the world, so you can make better decisions, protect property, minimize downtime, and safeguard lives when and where it matters most. 

Our expansive network provides the most reliable, high-quality data in real time to help you quickly evaluate risk and act when dangerous weather threatens. 

In addition to our network, Weatherzone has developed a robust onsite alerting system known as a WZBob. WZBob’s are proven visual and audio site solution aimed at mine sites that can be linked to radio networks for site wide awareness of lightning risk (figure 1).  

WZBob uses a combination of light beacons and sounders, which are installed on site according to location, topography and location of your assets or staff. WzBob is the complete solution for lightning alerts for your business (figure 1).  


Figure 1: Weatherzone’s WzBob system with beacons and sounders for thunderstorm alerting.  

The dual effectiveness of the Total Lightning Network and WZBob alerting capacities ensure lightning proximity accuracy, saving hours of downtime for your business, while ensuring safety. Below is a testimony from a mine manager in Australia. 

“We are extremely happy with the service and with Weatherzone in general and can’t recommend them highly enough. We estimate their accuracy of lightning detection has saved us about 70 hours of downtime this year already compared to the old system we used (single site lightning system which is not overly accurate).” – Mine Manager, Australian Gold Mine  

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