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Weatherzone Total Lightning Network

Weatherzone has been a leader in providing high-resolution forecasts to Australian energy generators and traders for the past decade.

The focus of the company in the past 12 months has been to invest in further upgrades to our market-leading Opticast™ forecast system, whilst rolling out at a weather station network to provide our clients with the most up-to-date observations available.

Opticast™ is an hourly resolution forecast model, providing temperature, humidity, wind and solar information for use by clients that are involved in the National Electricity Market (NEM).

Independent third party evaluation of Opticast™ has shown in to be the most accurate for the NEM. This is backed up by the use of Opticast™ by the market regulator, AEMO.

To keep Opticast™ as the market leader, Weatherzone scientists are now updating this model at 10-minute intervals to capture any unanticipated spikes or drops in temperature (and other parameters), which may impact on demand.

Weatherzone’s new weather station network also provides observations at a 1-minute interval to our clients, so they know first that a heat-breaking cool change has just arrived.

Weatherzone is committed to providing the most advanced energy demand forecasts to our clients both in Australia and abroad.

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