Morning fog delays flights in Adelaide



Adelaide was trapped beneath a thick layer of fog and low clouds this morning, reducing visibility and delaying transport across the city.

A combination from moisture evaporating after yesterday’s rain and light winds allowing the temperature to cool last night provided the ideal conditions for fog to spread over Adelaide.

Image: Tuesday morning’s fog at Brighton, SA. Source: @majella_photo_art / Instagram

As the sun rose over SA this morning, fog was shrouding large areas in and around Adelaide.

Image: Fog in Adelaide on Tuesday morning. Source: @davidpacker

Visibility at Adelaide Airport was reduced to around 100 metres at 6am, which caused a number of early flights to be cancelled.

The Bureau of Meteorology also issues a Road Weather Alert on Tuesday advising people to slow down and take extra care when driving in reduced visibility.

Image: Reduced visibility made some roads difficult to navigate in the early hours of Tuesday morning, prompting a road weather alert from the Bureau. Source: @willswindow / Instagram

Rising temperatures and wind have already caused the fog to start clearing across Adelaide, with visibility back up to 2,700 metres at the airport by 9am.

Adelaide Airport usually experiences around five fog days per annum, while July is the most likely month to see fog in the city.

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