Perth’s record summer heat spills into autumn



Perth is struggling to shake off the shackles of its record-breaking summer with the city enduring another bout of extreme heat this week. 

A West Coast Trough is drawing air from the interior towards Australia’s west coast this week, causing temperatures to soar in Perth. 

The city is expected to reach around 37ºC on Thursday and 39ºC on Friday, which is 8 to 9ºC above average for early-autumn. 

While this heat is abnormal for this time of year, it has become familiar in the last few months after several heat-related records were broken in Perth during summer. 

Between December and February, Perth registered 32 days at or above 35ºC and 13 days at 40ºC or higher. These were both new summer records. 

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Friday’s maximum temperature in the high-thirties will be Perth’s fifth consecutive day above 34ºC. The city hasn’t had five autumn days this hot for 25 years. 

Thursday night will also be noticeably warm in Perth, likely only dropping to about 24 to 25ºC, which is about 7ºC above average. 

Cooler westerly winds will develop over the west coast of WA, including Perth, from late Friday into the weekend as the trough starts to move inland. These onshore winds should keep the temperature under 30ºC in Perth over the weekend and into the start of next week.  

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