Severe storms hit flood-weary southeast Qld this morning



Dangerous thunderstorms are pummelling flood-affected parts of southeast Qld and northeast NSW this morning, with more on the way later today.

Just days after being hit by record-breaking rain and flooding, parts of southeast Qld and the far northeast corner of NSW are being hit by intense thunderstorms on Thursday morning.

Image: Composite radar/satellite showing severe storms over southeast Qld on Thursday morning.

The storms started further inland on Wednesday afternoon and continued overnight, in response to an upper-level low pressure trough moving over southern Qld.

On Wednesday, a wind gust of 93 km/h was recorded at Dalby Airport shortly after 7pm and 5cm hail was observed at Windera just before 8pm.

The severe storms continued into Wednesday night in the unstable atmosphere, producing 5 to 6cm hail near Inglewood shortly after midnight, and 66 mm of rain in the 30 minutes to 3am at Woodford.

As the sun rose on Thursday morning, storms were rumbling through southeast Qld and far northeast NSW, affecting Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and parts of the Gold Coast.

Brisbane registered 54mm of rain on Thursday morning, with 47.2mm falling in the half hour to 7:30am local time.

Showers and thunderstorms will continue to develop over parts of southeast Qld and northeast NSW on Thursday and some of these storms will be severe.

Image: Forecast rainfall on Thursday, according to the ACCESS-C model.

Moderate to major flood warnings are also still in place in both states following heavy rain over the past week. Be sure to check the latest thunderstorm and flood warnings if you’re in southeast Qld or northeast NSW on Thursday.

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