Sydney’s wettest July on record



Sydney is already having its wettest July on record, despite only being halfway through the month.

As of 9am on Thursday, July 14, Sydney’s Observatory Hill weather station had received 342.2 mm of rain since the beginning of the month. This is about 3.5 times its long-term July monthly average, and makes this already Sydney’s wettest July in records dating back to 1858.

Prior to 2022, Sydney’s highest July total was 336.1 mm in 1950. Impressively, it only took 14 days to break that record in 2022.

This month’s record-breaking rainfall continues an exceptionally wet year for Sydney. The city’s Observatory Hill weather station registered 1547.4 mm of rain during the first six months of 2022, which was its wettest January to June period in 164 years of records.

With July’s rainfall now added to the mix, Sydney’s running annual total had hit a whopping 1889.6 mm as of 9am on Thursday, July 14. This is easily Sydney’s wettest year-to-date on record, beating 1581.1 mm to the same date in 1891, by more than 300 mm.