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Weather plays an integral part of any digital news, agribusiness, sporting or tourism service, with this information maximizing your traffic and users’ time on site.

Weatherzone has the quality of content and reliability of service so that your project succeeds in terms of audience and advertising revenue.

Weatherzone’s services include:

  • Access to a business-supported Application Programming Interface (API) in the form of an XML or JSON web service. Ideal for websites and smart phone apps
  • Weatherzone’s API has inbuilt postcode/geo-locator functionality for the delivery of the most relevant weather information for your users’ location and for ad targeting purposes
  • Hosted desktop and responsive weather sites to compliment your news, agribusiness, sporting or tourism offering with your look and feel
  • White-labeled Weatherzone websites, m-sites and apps to reduce development costs and timelines
  • Advertising friendly content, including pollen forecasts, rain forecasts for agribusiness and severe weather parameters for use in insurance campaigns

The strength of Weatherzone’s offering is its seamless integration of the official, trusted Australian Bureau of Meteorology forecasts, with additional industry specific forecasts that meet the needs of your audience and advertisers.

A decade of experience in managing the huge traffic spikes that come with severe weather makes Weatherzone the only safe choice for providing your audience with a reliable, engaging and trustworthy weather offering.


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