Long Range - 12 Month

Invaluable tool for hedging financial risk

Industries such as energy, agriculture, retail and insurance use our Long Range Forecasts for one important reason: it is imperative for hedging financial risk.

Our 12 month weather forecasts enhance critical decision making because they are specific to particular locations, and they are presented in precise and detailed terms. The combination of hard probabilistic information and location specificity makes our Long Range Forecasts completely unique in the market.

Hedge financial risk

Long Range Forecasts are extremely valuable for hedging financial risk. Available with each forecast is the historical performance of the system over the past 35 years, giving you absolute confidence in the level of risk you carry.

Location-specific models

Weatherzone long range forecasting technique uses a sophisticated model utilising ocean, land and atmospheric information, which produces location specific definitive forecasts with confidence values out to 12 months ahead.

Detailed probability estimates

Each forecast contains detailed probability estimates for key weather parameters of temperature, rainfall, snow depth, grain crop yields and more.

Enhance critical decision making

Publicly available Long Range Forecasts are presented in vague terms, reducing their value in critical decision making

Refined in-house by experienced meteorologists

Weatherzone Long Range Forecasts are created using techniques refined in-house. Common broadscale indicators such as El-Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO), Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) and the Southern Annular Mode (SAM) are captured by the methodology ensuring all soundly recognised long term climate drivers are reflected in the forecasts.

Available with each forecast is the historical performance of the system over the past 35 years, giving you absolute confidence in your level of risk. Summer and Winter Outlook Briefings can be delivered by a Meteorologist in-person or via teleconference, allowing you to gain deeper insight into the forecasts leading into critical periods.

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Opticast 12 Month

Imperative for hedging financial risk.

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