Short Range - Time Series

High accuracy forecasts optimised in real time

Weatherzone has developed a high-accuracy time-series forecast product, producing hour-by-hour forecasts out to 15 days lead time. The system is continuously optimised in real time, and significantly outperforms single-model forecasts of temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, cloud cover and rainfall.

The forecasts update hourly based on latest observations, and the latest available numerical guidance. Each forecast is accompanied by a 90 per cent confidence interval for a number of parameters, containing probabilistic information for effective risk management.

Ultra-local precision

Opticast Time Series provides an unprecedented capability to predict conditions at ultra-local precision.

Real-time correction

Opticast Time Series uses cutting-edge techniques to update the forecast in real-time, ensuring your weather is never out-of-date.

Complex weather information distilled into clear graphics

The time series are graphically displayed on an interactive extranet application. In addition, the forecast information can be downloaded  in the form of a csv file for analysis.

The high time-resolution of these forecasts would allow the user to see the likely shape of the temperature/wind curve on a day-by-day basis. This information is key to dealing with common situations of sea-breezes, cool changes, and early or late maximums. The rapid updates minimise short-term divergence between forecast and actual conditions, which would provide operators with confidence as anomalous conditions develop.

As OpticastTM uses real time correction, it is available for all sites in Australia that provides or can provide its own observations.The strengths of OpticastTM lies in its ability to adjust to the conditions of a rapidly changing atmosphere. It for example will pick up on a cool change (that has sped up) straight away and adjust the forecast as necessary. OpticastTM will provide timely information for all parameters and also delivers warning tools that highlight when certain weather thresholds are met or exceeded.

Opticast products

OpticastTM Time Series

Hour-by-hour forecasts out to 15 days lead time.

Time Series 

OpticastTM 14 Day

For daily and fortnightly decision making.

14 Day 

OpticastTM 12 Month

Imperative for hedging financial risk.

12 Month 

Forecast Alerts

Plan your operations around what’s coming.

Forecast Alerts 

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