Science and

Industry-leading Science and robust technology

Staffed by World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) accredited meteorologists, experienced engineers and atmospheric scientists, Weatherzone’s foundations are built on:

Science and robust technology

IT provisions with full redundancy and disaster recovery

24hr meteorological
and IT support

Information is sourced from over 20 state and private organisations around the world

Total Lightning Network

Weatherzone Total Lightning Network (WZTLN) - Australia's only total lightning network - offers superior lightning detection and forecasting capabilities giving you confidence to make the right decisions.

Opticast Forecast System

Weatherzone’s Opticast is an industry leading high-precision forecast system, optimised for both “realtime nowcasting” as well as up to 15 days.

Experienced Meteorologists

Weatherzone's 12 World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) accredited meteorologists provide additional expert analysis and invaluable 24/7 support.

Information Sources

Information is sourced from over 20 state and private organisations around the world.

Numerical Weather Modelling

Weatherzone’s atmospheric modelling team configure, run and deploy high resolution atmospheric and wave models anywhere in the world.

Supporting Australian Business since 1998

Weatherzone services over 15 industries, including mining, agriculture, energy, ports, aviation, retail, insurance, broadcast media, digital media and more. We supply to private companies, government organisations and market regulators. Big or small, Weatherzone has valuable weather solutions to improve your business.

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