Oracle captures the Papua New Guinea storm this week

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A thunderstorm rolled into Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea from the west on Monday, August 16, with little warning to locals due to sparse radar coverage (figure 1). 

Oracle our new ‘radar’ system captured the storm, lightning, and heavy rainfall perfectly, well in advance and before the storm made its way through Port Moresby. 

Our clients in Port Moresby, with Oracle, were warned well in advance of the storm and rainfall, with the ability to track the storm. This enabled our clients to plan and prepare for the storm ahead of time, which is key for safety and productivity.  

Figure 1: Oracle radar capturing lightning and heavy rainfall between 1-4pm PGT on Monday, August 16, 2021.  

The Papua New Guinea storm (figure 1) illustrated the power of the Oracle system; however, it is worth noting this can be deployed anywhere in the world. 

 This storm clearly demonstrated the power of the Oracle system near Port Moresby. However, it is worth noting that Oracle can be deployed anywhere in the world, enabling users to see rain as it is happening wherever they are.  

In addition to tracking current rain, Oracle also provides live forecasts of rainfall rates, lightning, and cloud for up to three hours in advance, for anywhere in the world. 

It does this by feeding live satellite imagery, lightning data and nearby radar imagery into the forecast system. This innovative technology was built in collaboration with Solcast.  

Oracle is a more than adequate replacement for radar, but the genius of it is that it’s also a one-of-a-kind forecast system, delivering accurate forecasts out to four hours.  

Stay tuned for additional updates on Oracle’s new forecasting capabilities. For more information, please contact us at