We tailor our specialised weather solutions

To serve your business needs, boosting your safety and efficiency

Are you protecting your enterprise from increasingly volatile weather risk?

You can’t control the shifting climate, but you can gain precision insights to optimise your response.

Weatherzone Business, a DTN company, has been providing weather intelligence and innovative forecasting systems to Australian businesses since 1998.

We have intuitive solutions that serve industries from aviation, mining and energy right through to marine, and everything in between. Rest assured, if we don’t already have a product to address your business’ weather needs, we will work tirelessly to create one.

With our network of global partners, we provide trusted, industry-leading services that can mitigate weather risk, keep your valuable staff and assets safe, and ensure you are operating at peak efficiency.

Powering smarter weather decisions

Whether you require severe weather alerting, rapid-update forecasting, power generation forecasts, blast dispersion modelling, in-depth consultancy, easily deployed weather stations or any other high-precision meteorological service, we offer a reliable solution.
We are there for you: rain, hail or shine.

Industries we serve


Accredited and actionable weather intelligence – delivered direct to air and ground crew – supporting optimal safety and staffing.


Severe weather alerting, forecasting and EPA-approved blast dispersion modelling, custom-built for mine sites to mitigate risk.

Energy Renewables

Asset monitoring, solar actuals, PR and yield, power generation forecasts; lightning, flood, severe weather and fire alerting for peak safety and efficiency.

Energy Power Networks & Utilities

Real-time monitoring of severe weather and lightning alerting, with the ability to precisely anticipate disruptions and supply demand.

Energy Trading & Risk

Power generation and weather forecasting with updates and granularity down to 5 minutes. Full risk overviews and long-term outlooks to support your predictions and profits.


Metocean services, data driven precision forecasting and alerting for offshore oil, gas or wind, shipping and port operators – keeping you, your team and assets safe.

Forestry & Emergency

Actionable weather intelligence and precise lightning alerting to enable the speed and accuracy of critical decision making in the field.


Historical weather reporting to verify claims.


Engaging and reliable weather content to bring customers back to your media platform day after day.

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Latest news

Satisfy your weather obsession with these news headlines from around the nation, and the world.

Uncomfortable and muggy in the east

  Sultry weather across southeastern Australia could increase the risk of heat stress in some communities this week.  The map below shows that much of NSW, the ACT, VIC, Tas and parts of the NT and Qld will be impacted by a heatwave in the next 72 hours.   Heat will build across the southeast on […]

Tropical Cyclone Jasper to make landfall on Wednesday

Queensland’s North Tropical Coast is preparing for severe weather later this week, with Tropical Cyclone Jasper expected to make landfall near or north of Cairns on Wednesday. Jasper got a lot of attention late last week when it became the earliest category 4 tropical cyclone in Australian waters since 2005. However, the system has weakened […]

Jasper setting sights on Qld North Tropical Coast

Tropical Cyclone Jasper continues to gain strength over the Coral Sea and could soon be bearing down on the Qld’s North Tropical Coast. Jasper became a category 4 tropical cyclone on Friday morning, becoming the earliest category four system in Australian waters since 2005. At 10am AEST on Friday, Jasper was located 1,200 km east-northeast […]

Sydney to become island of extreme heat on Saturday

  Temperatures are likely to reach the mid-40s in parts of Western Sydney on Saturday as the urban heat island and foehn effects supercharge an early-summer heatwave over eastern NSW. A mass of very hot air will spread over NSW during the next few days, causing a severe to locally extreme heatwave across most of […]