High-Resolution Numerical Weather Prediction Modelling

Providing customised, comprehensive weather data and decision-making tools for your business

Does volatile weather challenge your business predictions, production or output?

The combined power of Weatherzone Business’ Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) modelling and trusted delivery system OpticastTM, give you the intelligence to optimally navigate the impacts of weather on your operations.

Weatherzone’s atmospheric modelling team configure, run and deploy high-resolution atmospheric and wave models, worldwide. Wherever you are, we have you covered.

We use the Weather Research and Forecast System (WRF), developed by collaborating agencies including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and National Centers for Environmental Protection.

It is a flexible, state-of-the art atmospheric simulation system that intelligently adapts to site-specific inputs, and constantly evolves to meet changing meteorological requirements.

Combined with critical inputs from our team of meteorologists, and delivered through our independently proven Opticast system, you receive an unprecedented level of service for all your weather solution needs, specific to any location you require.

Hyper-local weather intelligence allows you to plan your operations in advance. Avoid unnecessary shutdowns, make informed critical decisions and adjust your procedures in the face of severe weather. 

Conditions can be unpredictable but, with our systems and data behind you, you can respond confidently and quickly.

Powering smarter weather decisions

Whether you require severe weather alerting, rapid-update forecasting, solar actuals and power generation forecasts, blast dispersion modelling, in-depth consultancy, easily deployed weather stations or any other high-precision meteorological service, we offer a reliable, bespoke solution. Let us give you the tools to make smarter weather decisions.

We are there for you: rain, hail or shine.

We don’t do status quo

We thrive on challenge, next-generation science and customised service and are dedicated to helping you stay ahead of the game.

Your weather needs are as individual as your business, and we collaborate with you to bring ease to your every day. Our teams of meteorologists and data scientists are there, every step of the way, to help you navigate your weather challenges. Our aim is to make your critical decisions easier, whilst utilising your customisable weather intelligence to help maximise your profits and productivity.

Take a load offlet us crunch the numbers and serve it up in an easy-to-navigate package, so that you can concentrate on more pressing tasks. 

The brightest minds to help light the way.

Latest news

Satisfy your weather obsession with these news headlines from around the nation, and the world.

Wet season arriving in WA this week

Rain and thunderstorms will replace extreme heat over large areas of WA this week, with some places in the state’s north likely to see enough rain to officially mark the start of the wet season. In Australia, the northern wet season is defined as the date after September 1 when at least 50 mm of […]

Second hottest summer days on record in Perth

Perth just had its second hottest summer on record based on daytime temperatures, capping off the season with a remarkably warm February featuring a record-breaking number of 40°C days. The average maximum temperature in Perth this summer was 32.6ºC. This is roughly 1.7°C above the long-term average and the city’s 2nd highest summer maximum temperature […]

Sweaty, stormy end to Sydney’s third hottest summer on record

  Sydney has ended its third warmest summer on record with a warm and muggy day featuring afternoon thunderstorms – providing a fitting end to what was an unusually sweaty season for the NSW capital city. Sydney’s mean temperature this summer will come in at around 24.1ºC, which is just over 2ºC above the long-term […]

Record summer warmth in Brisbane

Brisbane just tossed and turned through its warmest summer on record based on overnight minimum temperatures, with the city also registering one of its top two warmest summers on record based on the mean temperature. A combination of abnormally high temperatures and atmospheric moisture made Brisbane feel abnormally hot and sweaty this summer. All three […]