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Keep your renewables business operating at peak efficiency, maximising productivity and profit

Is the increasing volatility of the weather impacting your daily operations, output and bottom line?

When your renewables energy operations are affected by weather extremes, we offer solutions to keep your productivity and profits high.

Weatherzone Business, a DTN company, supplies precise weather intelligence to over 75% of the National Energy Market (NEM) participants and is the trusted provider for Australia’s Market Operator. 

We offer weather data and analytics to support all aspects of your renewables business, with a wide range of specialised services covering energy generation and weather forecasting, to site-specific severe weather alerting and historical reporting. 


Weatherzone operates Opticast, an ultra-local forecasting system, independently proven to be the best performing of its type in Australia. Providing an unprecedented level of accuracy and precision, Opticast rapidly updates every 10 minutes, intelligently adapting to local observations, and corrects forecasts based on historical evidence. Wherever you are based, we can provide you with the most accurate nowcasting and forecasting data out to 14 days so that you can mitigate operational and safety risks, and plan to make the most of severe weather windows.

Solar Forecasting and Generation
Weatherzone partners with Solcast – the world leader in real-time actuals and rapid-update solar forecasts.
Utilising Solcast’s satellite fleet, sky-imagers and the SCADA data collected from your solar farm, you will acquire not only forecasting capability, but a precise picture of your actual yield and PR. Specifically built to ensure you meet the requirements of the AEMO and reduce your exposure to costly penalties.

Utilising Opticast’s data, we provide wind power generation, operational and severe weather forecasting to improve your planning and protect your valuable staff and assets. Utilise generation forecasts for individual wind farms, state level and the NEM at daily and hourly resolution.

Weatherzone’ Total Lightning Network ensures your wind farm is protected from severe storms by an alerting system that can be configured to your exact requirements, aligning with local site needs, procedures and legislation.

Using Opticast’s nowcasting and forecasting capabilities, you will have long-term outlook covering rainfall and extreme heat events out to 12 months. This can significantly improve your planning as you integrate the data with site-specific hydrological parameters.

With renewables making up more of Australia’s energy mix every year, we want to support your business to make informed critical decisions and improve your overall generation and safety.

Customise your weather data on Energyzone

Your weather data is customizable, site-specific and delivered via Energyzone, our easy to visualize dashboard.

You will have access to over 30 parameters that can guide your generation, planning and risk management. Whatever weather intelligence you need to keep your enterprise performing at its peak, we can provide, along with IT analytical support.

We are there for you:rain, hail or shine.

Industry Leading Forecasting Accuracy

Opticast™ provides high resolution, rapid-update now-casting and forecasting data helping you to financially plan and guide your operations effectively day to day.

Severe Weather Alerting

Our Total Lightning Network provides precise local alerting in severe weather – delivered to any device across your network – buying time to keep you, your team and assets safe.

Bespoke Meteorological Briefings

Speak to an accredited meteorologist to gain in-depth understanding of the impact and risk of forecasting, specific to your business and planning.

We don’t do status quo

We thrive on challenge, next-generation science and customised service and are dedicated to helping you remain productive despite weather challenges.

With the weather deeply affecting your operations, from risk assessment, generation, safety and maintenance scheduling, we offer you intuitive solutions to mitigate risk and keep you operating at peak profitability and productivity.

We work to bring you full situational awareness so you can improve planning and maximise your profits.

The brightest minds to help light the way.

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Winter chill sets in

It’s a chilly one this Friday across the most heavily populated corner of the country, as a thick layer of cloud prevents the sun’s warmth from bumping up temperatures. Take a look at the chart below at midday on Friday, June 14. The first feature of interest is the widespread cloud covering almost all of […]

Massive swell arriving this weekend

A Tasman Low pressure system will whip up large and powerful swell for several days from Saturday, with the potential to impact port operations along the eastern seaboard.   The images below show that a stubborn high-pressure system will cradle the low and keep it over the Tasman Sea between Saturday and Wednesday.    Images (top […]

More rain for WA

Another northwest cloud band has brought significant rain to parts of the southwest during the last 24 hours, with more to come.  The largest totals southwest WA has seen in the 24 hours leading up to 9am on Wednesday, June 12 were;  Maxon Farm recorded 31mm   Lancelin (defence) saw 19.2mm fall  14.8mm fell at […]

Hydropower season has begun

Snow has fallen across the high country of Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and the ACT, with the hydropower season officially beginning. Snowfalls totals were in the light to moderate range depending on the location in the mountains. Perisher ski resort in NSW is calling 25 cm on the ground, with most other resorts reporting […]