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The weather affects people in a myriad of ways. Everyone needs to know what the daily weather is doing, and they want this information at their finger tips. Weatherzone brings together the most engaging, trustworthy and reliable weather information to ensure the success of your website, responsive/adaptive site, mobile site or mobile/tablet app.

Weatherzone is Australia’s most trusted provider of customised weather content for Agribusiness , News, Recreation and Tourism. Hosted website solutions, white label sites/apps and dynamic web service API delivery are all readily available, to ensure strong traffic growth for your platform whilst maximising your advertising revenue opportunities. Existing template solutions also mean that set up cost and delivery times for your project are reduced.

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Bumper to bumper traffic

Weather content for websites and apps drives unique visitors and returning content your way. You get weather content that is trustworthy, informative and engaging.

Maximise Advertising Revenue

Weather provides an opportunity for innovative, locally-targeted weather advertising. Weatherzone’s content and API enable the serving of advertisements based on a users’ local weather conditions, satisfying the needs of your advertisers whilst engaging the audience in a non-obtrusive way.

Content that grabs attention

Visually impressive graphics and animations ,with accompanying written commentaries, help to tell the weather ’story’. This combination of easy to understand information builds engagement levels with your audience, no matter what their level of weather knowledge. Weatherzone brings together trusted Australian Bureau of Meteorology information with its own detailed forecasts and lightning information to give your audience the information they need for their business or day-to-day lives.

Ease of use

Weatherzone delivers weather content in a variety of developer and client friendly ways, including an XML or JSON web service API, hosted desktop sites, hosted adaptive/responsive/mobile sites and white label solutions.

Looking to increase your newspaper reader loyalty?

newspaper weather

Weatherzone Newspaper Pages are ready-to-print and fully customised to your newspaper’s requirements.

Making use of Weatherzone’s wide array of information sources, the newspaper pages can include a variety of special interest features, such as snow reports, surf forecasts, dam levels and much more.

Incorporating simple, well-designed layouts and bright, eye-catching graphics, Weatherzone’s newspaper pages will present the weather to your readers in an attractive, user-friendly format.

The pages are fully quality-controlled by Weatherzone’s team of meteorologists before being delivered to your editorial department in a print-ready format to meet your internal deadlines.

Website, Mobile and Tablet Solutions

White Label Sites

Fully hosted mobile, responsive and desktop sites in your look and feel can easily be created leveraging existing solutions from Weatherzone.

Weather Engine

Weather Engine is a self-managed desktop or adaptive hosted solution, allowing a minimisation of set up time and costs.

API & Custom Feeds

Weatherzone’s Application Programming Interface is a developer-friendly way to deeply integrate weather information into your website or application. Postcode / location search functionality is included.

Weather Widgets

Weather Widgets for Intranets, apps and websites can be created by Weatherzone’s development team based on your specific project scope. Let our experienced weather experts create a product that is engaging and reliable for your users.

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