Who can resist checking the weather forecast?

Drive strong engagement and boost revenue on your media platform

Have you explored how a weather package can keep your customers returning to your platform?

Weather forecasts are an effective way of bringing people to you. no matter what time of the day or year, to know the forecast is a human need driven by curiosity and the desire to plan.

Weatherzone Business can provide your media platform with a tailored, easy-to-integrate weather intelligence package, enabling you to keep your consumers in the know every moment of every day. And the more precise that forecast, the more your visitors will naturally come to rely on it.

Powered by OpticastTM – our market-leading nowcasting and forecasting system – you have fully customisable weather data that significantly out-performs other models, so your customers can look to you for the most accurate information available.

With the increase in traffic comes the increase in revenue from the potential of locally targeted, innovative weather advertising. Weatherzone’s content and Application Programming Interface (API) enable the serving of advertisements based on a users’ local weather conditions, satisfying the needs of your advertisers whilst engaging the audience in a non-obtrusive way.

Tap into the power of the weather to drive engagement with your platform and products and keep your valued customers coming back.

Flexible, simple API for ease

Weatherzone’s API is a developer-friendly way to deeply integrate weather information into your website or app. Postcode/location search functionality is included to ensure targeted data that serves your customers.

Easy Integration

Weatherzone delivers weather content in a variety of developer and client friendly ways, including an XML or JSON web service API, hosted desktop sites, hosted adaptive/responsive/mobile sites and white label solutions.

Customisable & Engaging Content

From forecasts to warnings, radar and synoptic charts to sun and moon times, we have a comprehensive suite of weather data and content that you can tailor to your site and customers. The choice is yours.

Hosted Solutions

Let us do the hard work for you. Weatherzone offers a fully branded, hosted solution for your platform that is easy for content managers to customise. A fully functioning weather site right out of the box to keep things simple and cost effective.

Latest news

Satisfy your weather obsession with these news headlines from around the nation, and the world.

Welcome rain returning to WA this week

A series of cold fronts will deliver much-needed rain to southwestern Australia this week, easing a drought that has broken records over the past seven months. The animation below shows cloud streaming over WA on Tuesday morning ahead of an approaching cold front. This is the first in a series of cold fronts and low […]

Northwest cloudband to bring welcome rain

There’s a feature on this week’s weather charts which we haven’t seen for many months in Australia and which is a sign that winter is almost upon us: a northwest cloudband. Northwest cloudbands are vast layers of cloud that flow over Australia from the northwest. Once fully developed, the cloudband stretches across the country like […]

5 cold fronts bearing down on WA

A series of cold fronts are setting their sights on southern WA in the next 10 days, bringing fierce winds, showers, thunderstorms and cooler temperatures.  The stubborn high-pressure system that has sat over the Bight for weeks, preventing cold fronts from making it to WA, will finally move east this week.  This will cause an […]

Record run of May heat in Perth

Perth has never seen a run of May days this warm since records started being kept in 1876. Since May 7, Perth’s maximum has reached between 24.9°C and 29.4°C every day. The previous record run of May days with a top of 24°C or higher was in 2018, with 16 consecutive days. As of 9 […]