Everyone needs a personal Weatherguard

Delivering customised weather data and alerting directly to your team, across any device

Weatherzone Business has developed the Weatherguard app, designed specifically to deliver crucial intelligence to individuals across your business.

Whether out in the field, on-site or nationwide, your staff have access, via their device, to real-time alerting and local weather data to support their efficiency and safety.

Whatever the size of your enterprise, farm, business or company, when it comes to severe weather, it’s important that everyone is immediately aware of their personal situation and risk.

Weatherguard gives you and your staff a visual understanding of incoming weather systems, with GIS mapping and radar. Personal push notifications give users real-time severe weather and lightning alerts, based on their phone’s GPS position. Real-time alerting works to keep staff safe and enables operational decisions to be made quickly.

Field and site crews can see the full picture and understand the spread and magnitude of risk to people and assets, providing enhanced synergy between crews and the control room.

Weatherguard delivers complete situational awareness, enhancing critical decision making. Reduce health, safety and environmental impacts associated with weather threat, and improve efficiency across your operations.

Powering smarter weather decisions

With complete visibility of incoming severe weather and real-time alerting, you can improve not only your business’ response and efficiency, but your preparation for future risk.

Weatherzone Business’ experience and intelligence gives you a clear path through complex situations. Let us assist you, offering you timely, actionable insight, when extreme weather threatens.

Business Wide Intelligence

On-site or out in the field, your team have access to personal alerting and weather data, so critical information is delivered quickly, exactly where it’s needed.

Customisable Alerts

Customise your severe weather and lightning alerts to your existing safety thresholds to avoid costly, unnecessary shutdowns and enhance safety procedures.

Cohesive Communication

With your weather data and alerting easily communicated across your entire network, you can be sure your team are able to act quickly and effectively.

You can rely on us

When a severe weather system is heading straight for you, our team of qualified meteorologists dissect the data around the clock to give you actionable solutions.

You don’t need to weather the storms alone. We can help you break down the timeline, so you can approach your preparations in the most practical way, and decide how best to manage the immediate risk.

As global weather becomes more extreme, we are here to offer the insights and analytics to guide your planning, preparation and daily operations. We work tirelessly to deliver weather intelligence and solutions you can trust.

We’re here for you: rain, hail or shine.

Tailored solutions to give you actionable advice, exactly when you need it.

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Wet season arriving in WA this week

Rain and thunderstorms will replace extreme heat over large areas of WA this week, with some places in the state’s north likely to see enough rain to officially mark the start of the wet season. In Australia, the northern wet season is defined as the date after September 1 when at least 50 mm of […]

Second hottest summer days on record in Perth

Perth just had its second hottest summer on record based on daytime temperatures, capping off the season with a remarkably warm February featuring a record-breaking number of 40°C days. The average maximum temperature in Perth this summer was 32.6ºC. This is roughly 1.7°C above the long-term average and the city’s 2nd highest summer maximum temperature […]

Sweaty, stormy end to Sydney’s third hottest summer on record

  Sydney has ended its third warmest summer on record with a warm and muggy day featuring afternoon thunderstorms – providing a fitting end to what was an unusually sweaty season for the NSW capital city. Sydney’s mean temperature this summer will come in at around 24.1ºC, which is just over 2ºC above the long-term […]

Record summer warmth in Brisbane

Brisbane just tossed and turned through its warmest summer on record based on overnight minimum temperatures, with the city also registering one of its top two warmest summers on record based on the mean temperature. A combination of abnormally high temperatures and atmospheric moisture made Brisbane feel abnormally hot and sweaty this summer. All three […]