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Weatherzone is Australia’s dedicated private weather provider, conveying accurate, reliable forecasts to 4.8 million Australians a month.

Weatherzone Business is passionately driven to provide enterprises around the world with innovative forecasting data to inform and safeguard their operations.

If a sector is impacted by the weather, we have a progressive, tailored business solution to identify potential risk – keeping your people safe, and protecting profits and assets.

Since 1998 our conscientious team of meteorologists, developers and scientists have been collaborating with over 15 industries from Energy, Mining and Marine through to Media and Aviation.

We work alongside with our network of global partners to provide businesses with an entirely personalised service. We specialise in delivering actionable insights through individual briefings, customised products and interfaces and our business focused Weatherguard app.

We are readily available to guide our customers and consumers effectively through the complexities of the shifting climate.

ISO Qualification

Weatherzone holds an international certification for our commitment to the supply of comprehensive meteorological solutions to our customers. ISO9001 – our commitment to customer service and high-quality services. To learn more, click here.

Our Evolution


A private company founded in 1998, Weatherzone enjoyed immediate success in broadcasting, supplying weather forecasts to five major Australian networks.


Weatherzone launched its public website ‘weatherzone.com.au’, which quickly grew to become Australia’s most popular, privately owned go-to for daily forecasts. During the 2000s, Weatherzone diversified into other industry sectors including agribusiness, energy, aviation, construction, resources, retail, ports and mining.


Weatherzone became the market leader in many of these industries due to our drive to understand each sector’s individual needs, and our commitment to innovative forecast solutions. In 2012 we were chosen as the primary provider to the Australian Energy Market Operator due to the accuracy of our OpticastTM model.


Weatherzone created an unrivalled weather forecast planning tool for the aviation industry, utilised by Australia’s national carrier. It continues to improve operational planning, ensure safety and reduce costs.


Weatherzone purchased and expanded the WZ Total Lightning Network, which now stands as an industry leader for accurate intra-cloud and cloud-to-ground detection, assisting businesses in mitigating severe weather risk.

Weatherzone released Miningzone, the safety and environmental solution specifically built for the mining sector.


The Aviation Weather app is launched, enabling the critical OPMET data provided in our aviation services to be easily visualized on any device.


DTN, an independent source of insights, analysis and decision-support solutions, acquired Weatherzone. This acquisition underscored DTN’s commitment to bring the most accurate, actionable insights to consumers and customers in weather-sensitive industries throughout the world.


The Weatherzone App won the World Meteorological Organisation’s International Weather Apps Award for ‘Private Sector Information Content: reliability, usefulness, quality and quantity of information.’

An upgrade to the Blast Dispersion Modelling used in Miningzone is actioned and delivered globally.


To now...

Weatherzone Business continues to lead the field as we pioneer and integrate cutting-edge science.

We listen to our client’s needs and take great pride in finding solutions for their business to maintain safety, improve effiecieny and guide critical business decisions.

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A series of cold fronts will deliver much-needed rain to southwestern Australia this week, easing a drought that has broken records over the past seven months. The animation below shows cloud streaming over WA on Tuesday morning ahead of an approaching cold front. This is the first in a series of cold fronts and low […]

Northwest cloudband to bring welcome rain

There’s a feature on this week’s weather charts which we haven’t seen for many months in Australia and which is a sign that winter is almost upon us: a northwest cloudband. Northwest cloudbands are vast layers of cloud that flow over Australia from the northwest. Once fully developed, the cloudband stretches across the country like […]

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A series of cold fronts are setting their sights on southern WA in the next 10 days, bringing fierce winds, showers, thunderstorms and cooler temperatures.  The stubborn high-pressure system that has sat over the Bight for weeks, preventing cold fronts from making it to WA, will finally move east this week.  This will cause an […]

Record run of May heat in Perth

Perth has never seen a run of May days this warm since records started being kept in 1876. Since May 7, Perth’s maximum has reached between 24.9°C and 29.4°C every day. The previous record run of May days with a top of 24°C or higher was in 2018, with 16 consecutive days. As of 9 […]