Your trusted bird’s-eye view

Our trusted aviation weather app displays the intelligence you need to fly safe and sure.

Our WxBrief app delivers accredited, meticulous in-cockpit weather data, clearly presented to significantly improve tactical decision making.

Weatherzone Business specialises in global aviation weather intelligence delivered in an easy-to-visualise format. Our solutions are developed in close consultation with the aviation industry to serve your in-flight requirements.

The WxBrief app is a decision support system customised to each flight, providing all required operational meteorological information in one place.

Pilots can request a flight pack by entering their flight number and the data is downloaded and processed typically within 30-40 seconds. The app updates in real-time during the flight where in-flight Wi-Fi is available, and Wi-Fi use within the cockpit is authorised.

Once a flight pack is downloaded it’s available throughout the entire flight, using the most recent meteorological data for the estimated position of the aircraft. The app requires no internet connectivity whilst in flight but can be updated if onboard Wi-Fi is available. Backup solutions (such as text only information) can be made available in the case of very poor connectivity.

No matter where you are, we’ve got you covered.

Powering smarter weather decisions

Equipped with complete visibility of impactful weather along your flight path, you can support your pilots’ response and your airline’s preparation for future risk. We provide you with clear and actionable insights to inform your operations, day and night.

Weatherzone Business’ experience and aviation weather services give your aircrew clear paths through complex situations, wherever they are in the world.

Access Complete Weather Data

TAF/METAR information and timelines, forecasts, radar maps, one-minute observations, ATIS, runway wind calculator, route plans and more – everything your pilots need, easily accessed, in one place.

Industry Accredited Intelligence

Weatherzone’s WxBrief aviation data adheres strictly to the regulations and standards of both the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

Your Full Flightpath View

Wherever you are on your flight path, you have a projected view of your journey and destination to support your critical in-flight decisions. Comprehensive data guides you, protecting your aircrew and passengers.

Keeping pilots informed, every minute.

Your trusted aviation weather data delivered through WxBrief app includes:

Route plan
Pilots can view the route plan with vertical profiles.

The winds shown are relative to aircraft track and heading, so it’s easy to understand the risk of head/tail or crosswinds. Jet streams can be seen, as well as key temperature levels for icing, relative humidity (cloud) and estimated topography.

Text view
Text view provides pilots with all other TAFs and METARs for ports not listed in the chosen flight plan. Selectable regions bring up a full list of TAF and METAR data as required so you have full visibility of emergency or alternate ports when required.

Chart view
Chart view offers maps layered with these parameters, enabling the ability to view future conditions along the flight path:

  • Flight plan plotted and waypoints
  • SIGWX charts Graphical SIGMET FL390/340 Clear Air Turbulence
  • FL390/340 temperatures and winds
  • Satellite imagery
  • Altimetry
  • Freezing Fuel MSLP (surface) charts
  • Lightning (global)
  • Weather radar
  • Ports, including emergency and alternatives (latest status and touch to view TAF/METAR)
  • Gridlines

Feedback & support
Weatherzone operates a 24-hour, 365-day support desk to provide 2nd tier support on the app, with 1st tier supplied by your airline.

We take a consultative approach with industry customers to keep pushing the boundaries of science and technology. We keep you ahead of changing conditions, ensuring you can make informed decisions based on the most accurate and timely weather intelligence.

Rain, hail or shine: we are there for you to safeguard your flight crew and passengers.

Tailored solutions to give you clear advice, exactly when you need it.

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