As the weather continues to shift

We evolve our approach to deliver market-leading weather intelligence for your business

Are you looking for intuitive, customised weather solutions that think outside the square?

Weatherzone Business are dedicated to identifying your unique weather requirements, then tailoring solutions that make your operational planning and decisions easier.

Our dedicated team of accredited meteorologists, scientists, engineers and developers serve industries from aviation, mining and energy right through to marine, and everything in between.

No challenge is too great as we apply next-generation science, drawing from robust data and technologies. Rest assured, if we don’t already have a trusted solution to address your weather forecasting needs as a business, we will work tirelessly to create one.

With our network of global and national partners, we provide proven services that can help you manage weather risk and improve efficiency for your business.

Most importantly, we can assist you in keeping your valuable staff and assets safe, in a world where weather volatility is increasing.

Total Lightning Network

Precise, real-time alerting of lightning strikes to protect your people and assets and limit unnecessary downtime.


Hyper-local, precision nowcasting and forecasting to mitigate operation and safety risk, and improve planning.

Blast Dispersion

Globally proven blast dispersion modelling. Customised to your mine site, delivering analysis of the environmental outcomes for potential and actual blasts.


A GIS system that offers multiple weather layers mapped over your infrastructure and assets. Track weather systems and their potential impacts for your business in real-time.


An advanced historical lightning and severe weather reporting tool that supports detailed post impact investigation and analysis.

Weatherguard App

A business focused app that enables the quick and accurate delivery of weather data and alerts to any device across your network.


A rapid-update, high-resolution nowcasting system that captures lightning, rainfall, cloud cover, temperature and wind, no matter where you are.

Aviation Watch

A customisable interface for Aviation services, delivering a full suite of aviation parameters and weather data for flight dispatch, air crew and operation teams.

WxBrief App

An intuitive, easy to visualise app that delivers in-cockpit weather solutions to air crew, significantly improving tactical decision making.


Site-specific high-resolution nowcasting and forecasting, power generation forecasting, severe weather alerting and fully visualised storm services.


Highly specialized irradiance and weather data with cloud-based processing and low upfront CAPEX.

7-Day Tropical Cyclone Service

Forecasting, alerting and threat analysis of tropical cyclones, with tracking out to 7 days to support your planning and safety.

Weather Station

A turnkey solution enabling on-site weather observations. Easy to install and integrate, with the power of cloud data processing.

WZBob Alerting

A lightning alerting expansion system that delivers clear audible and visual alerts across your worksite, keeping your teams safe.

Numerical Weather Prediction Modelling

A state-of-the art, high-resolution atmospheric simulation system that intelligently adapts to site-specific inputs, ensuring the precision of your forecast.

Our Experts

Our diverse team of experts with broad industry experience, and the way that we work to serve your business weather needs, every day.

Our Information Sources

An in-depth look at the services we provide, and our trusted global and national information partners.

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Latest news

Satisfy your weather obsession with these news headlines from around the nation, and the world.

Winter chill sets in

It’s a chilly one this Friday across the most heavily populated corner of the country, as a thick layer of cloud prevents the sun’s warmth from bumping up temperatures. Take a look at the chart below at midday on Friday, June 14. The first feature of interest is the widespread cloud covering almost all of […]

Massive swell arriving this weekend

A Tasman Low pressure system will whip up large and powerful swell for several days from Saturday, with the potential to impact port operations along the eastern seaboard.   The images below show that a stubborn high-pressure system will cradle the low and keep it over the Tasman Sea between Saturday and Wednesday.    Images (top […]

More rain for WA

Another northwest cloud band has brought significant rain to parts of the southwest during the last 24 hours, with more to come.  The largest totals southwest WA has seen in the 24 hours leading up to 9am on Wednesday, June 12 were;  Maxon Farm recorded 31mm   Lancelin (defence) saw 19.2mm fall  14.8mm fell at […]

Hydropower season has begun

Snow has fallen across the high country of Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and the ACT, with the hydropower season officially beginning. Snowfalls totals were in the light to moderate range depending on the location in the mountains. Perisher ski resort in NSW is calling 25 cm on the ground, with most other resorts reporting […]