No matter where you are

Oracle is the high-resolution system that delivers precise weather intelligence, nationwide.

Weatherzone Business moves beyond the limitations of static radar systems, delivering a nationwide nowcasting solution for businesses operating on and off the beaten path.

High-Resolution Modelling

Oracle is a satellite-derived, gridded nowcasting system. It forecasts out to 3 hours at a 1-2km resolution, and rapid updates every 5 minutes. With this enhanced forecasting detail, Oracle has the upper hand over 9-12km resolution models when capturing temperature, lightning, cloud cover, wind and rainfall. This ensures that no matter where you are in Australia, you will have access to precision nowcasting and forecasting that can rapidly inform your critical business decisions.

Greater Situational Awareness

Working in conjunction with Weatherzone’s Stormtracker GIS system, Oracle provides full situational awareness of any severe weather event that presents risk to your business. Short-term forecasting and severe weather alerts enable you to foresee the intensity and duration of events, so you can prioritise the safety and preparation of your staff and assets.

Whatever the weather, we provide the insights to help keep you and your team safe, productive and profitable.

Powering smarter weather decisions

Oracle is the solution to visualising rainfall and severe weather across the whole of Australia. Let us give you the situational awareness and analytical insight needed to make the best decisions for your business.

Let us give you the analytical insight needed to make the best decisions for your business.

Remote Area Coverage

Oracle works beyond the existing radar system and extends across the most remote parts of Australia, so no matter where you are, you can see what’s on the horizon.

Precision Forecasting and Alerting

When extreme temperatures, severe weather and heavy rainfall affect your operations, Oracle delivers insight and alerts, buying you the time to prepare and take action.

Make Critical Decisions Quickly

Gain a visual understanding of current conditions. Oracle is the market-leading nowcasting system that facilitates making informed critical decisions quickly.

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Choose the products you need to deliver precise data and maximise your operational capacity.

7-Day Tropical Cyclone Service

Mitigate risk and improve safety

When a severe weather system is heading straight for you, our team of qualified meteorologists dissect the data around the clock to give you actionable solutions.

You don’t need to weather the storms alone. We can help you break down the timeline, so that you can approach your preparations in the most practical way, deciding on how best to manage the immediate risk.

Weatherzone Business’ experience and intelligence gives you a clear path through a complex situation. Let us assist you in making the best possible assessment of risk to your business when extreme weather threatens.

Bespoke solutions to give you clear advice, exactly when you need it. 

Latest news

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Wet season arriving in WA this week

Rain and thunderstorms will replace extreme heat over large areas of WA this week, with some places in the state’s north likely to see enough rain to officially mark the start of the wet season. In Australia, the northern wet season is defined as the date after September 1 when at least 50 mm of […]

Second hottest summer days on record in Perth

Perth just had its second hottest summer on record based on daytime temperatures, capping off the season with a remarkably warm February featuring a record-breaking number of 40°C days. The average maximum temperature in Perth this summer was 32.6ºC. This is roughly 1.7°C above the long-term average and the city’s 2nd highest summer maximum temperature […]

Sweaty, stormy end to Sydney’s third hottest summer on record

  Sydney has ended its third warmest summer on record with a warm and muggy day featuring afternoon thunderstorms – providing a fitting end to what was an unusually sweaty season for the NSW capital city. Sydney’s mean temperature this summer will come in at around 24.1ºC, which is just over 2ºC above the long-term […]

Record summer warmth in Brisbane

Brisbane just tossed and turned through its warmest summer on record based on overnight minimum temperatures, with the city also registering one of its top two warmest summers on record based on the mean temperature. A combination of abnormally high temperatures and atmospheric moisture made Brisbane feel abnormally hot and sweaty this summer. All three […]