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Energy markets can be challenging to trade in, especially within Australia where recent years have seen a seismic shift between under supply to over-supply. Volatility has cooled, making it harder than ever to generate decent profit, and reduced margins increasing your risk. It is therefore more critical than ever that you have the best weather intelligence available so that you can take advantage of conditions at every opportunity. Weatherzone’s energy trading (and commodities) services are relied upon for their accuracy and precision, whether you are hedging your risk, spot trading or setting up derivatives. From the next 10 minutes to 12 months out, you will have the whole picture at all times.

Intuitive, customised and reliable

All-in-one Dashboard

Weatherzone services are delivered through its flagship web based interfaces, accessible by any staff, anytime, anywhere. Designed for your business, the interface provides you with the complete weather and environmental picture and critical business decision making tools, allowing you to make the right decision every time.


Customised overlays on Google Maps provide accurate, real-time monitoring.

Expert advice,24/7

Powerful forecast modules are coupled with written notes from our team of professional meteorologists, so you can plan operations with precise and timely forecasts.

Alerting & SMS

Automatic alerts based on site specific variables sent to wherever you are, when you need to make decisions.

Energy Trading & Risk Products


Highly detailed forecasts, updated every hour.

Wind Generation

Precision forecast systems delivering certainty into wind generation.

Solar Generation

A solar forecast system giving you expected solar generation.


World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) qualified meteorologists.

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