When the storm rolls in - Lightning Forecast

Be prepared and protected with Weatherzone’s Total Lightning Network to forecast lightning

Weatherzone’s Total Lightning Network is your key to precise detection and alerting, giving you time to protect your people and assets.

The shifting climate is bringing increasingly severe weather events, so it’s time to safeguard your business against the potential damage lightning can cause.

Our Total Lightning Network is the intelligent solution that goes above and beyond to increase your lead time before the storm hits.

We ultilise a vast global sensor network, created with our partner Earth Networks. Over 1200 sensors in 40+ countries provide a worldwide view of both intra-cloud (IC) and cloud-to-ground (CG) lightning strikes, enabling businesses to plan and respond with the most precise insight available.

Offering unsurpassed accuracy, with real-time detection to <200m, we integrate with your existing systems to keep your enterprise operating within your defined severe weather thresholds.

Leave nothing to chance. Be confident working outdoors with the most sophisticated lightning alerting system, delivering intelligence to any device across your business network.

Powering smarter weather decisions for lightning detection

The Total Lightning Network is a high precision solution to manage the threat of severe storm damage to your business. The highest density of sensors across Australia and the globe give you the edge.

Real-time detection and alerting enhance safety outcomes whilst also preventing costly shutdowns caused by inaccurate sensor data.

You will be supported by the dedicated Weatherzone Business team, who are driven to make your operational decisions easier.

Real-Time Alerting

Severe weather alerts are issued via our Weatherguard app to any device across your business, allowing everyone to plan and respond quickly.

Stormtracker Visualisation

Stormtracker, our Geographic Information System (GIS), plots live lightning strikes to enhance your immediate spatial visualisation of storms.

Robust Infrastructure

The Total Lightning Network is meticulously maintained, ensuring efficiency and accuracy, and a system uptime of 99.9%.

Critical decisions made easy

The Total Lightning Network is a key consideration across many industries. If your business or supply chain operates out in the open or in the air, your company could be at risk.

Visualise approaching storms as our customisable GIS system, Stormtracker, plots lighting strikes across your site and infrastructure. This enables enhanced understanding of the potential risk inherent in each severe weather system. Personal push notifications give users real-time severe weather and lightning alerts, based on their phone’s GPS position, enhancing their awareness of personal risk.

Lightning strike history is archived for over 5 years, enabling you to extract the reportable data required for risk assessments or insurance claims.

The brightest minds to help light the way.

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