Keeping your energy power network connected - Energy & Utility Weather Forecast

With weather foresight, actionable analytics and precise alerting for utility & energy weather forecasting

Are you safeguarding your utilities assets and personnel from the threat of increasingly volatile weather?

Weatherzone Business, a DTN company, offers precise weather intelligence and alerting to protect your utilities network when severe weather, floods and fires threaten.

Over 80% of Australian transmission and distribution networks already rely on our proven nowcasting and forecasting out to 15 days. You can rest assured yours is protected by market-leading analysis. With this foresight you can gain lead time to prepare for possible outages, reduce risk and protect your people and profits.

You will never be left in the dark when conditions suddenly worsen. We deliver reliable, up-to-the-minute weather forecasts and analytical tools that give you the power to enhance your operational management and response to weather risk. Our Total Lightning Network is a globally proven solution that accurately identifies and alerts you to lightning strikes within your defined thresholds, supporting the safety of your team.

Your customisable interface has GIS mapping, showing multiple weather layers over your utilities network and offering full situational awareness. You can quickly recognise any threat to your assets in real-time. 24-hour asset monitoring allows you to track lightning, bushfires and other severe weather systems that approach your service territory.

Advanced and actionable analytics allow you to act decisively and improve your planning and outage response strategy.

Customise your weather data

Over 30 customisable and easily visualised parameters are offered on your Energyzone interface. We tailor directly to your operational requirements and offer 24 hour meteorological and IT support for any complex conditions that arise. Maximised efficiency ensures your operation adheres to regulatory statutes.

We are there for you: rain, hail or shine.

High Precision Forecasts

Armed with OpticastTM, the most precise solution for nowcasting and forecasting data at down to 5-min granularity out to 15 days, you can mitigate operational and safety risk.

Storm Impact Analytics

Advanced and actionable analytics, using a sophisticated, machine learning approach, provide quantitative predictions that support a more prepared response.

Expert Advice and Support

Powerful forecast modules are coupled with briefings from our team of expert energy meteorologists, allowing you to understand the risk in the forecasts.

We don’t do status quo

We thrive on challenge, next-generation science and customised service and are dedicated to helping you stay ahead of the game.

Opticast is Weatherzone’s cloud-based forecasting solution that can deliver precise, hyper-local weather data to your business.

Independently verified to significantly outperform other industry models, Opticast gives you a strategic advantage when facing weather impacts. Opticast intelligently adapts to the local conditions of your site area ensuring the most accurate data for your network.

With our advanced alerting mechanism for lightning – the Total Lightning Network – and severe weather events including flooding and bushfires, you will have the best lead time possible to assess and respond. Our team provide analytical support, 24/7, and pave the way for quick and effective critical decision making.

We work to bring you full situational awareness so you can mitigate risk and maximise profits.

The brightest minds to help light the way.

Latest news

Satisfy your weather obsession with these news headlines from around the nation, and the world.

Tropical Cyclone likely in Coral Sea this week

  A tropical cyclone is likely to track over the Coral Sea this week and may move closer to Australia’s east coast at some stage next week.   The satellite image below show a tropical low sitting over the Solomon Sea on Monday afternoon. This low is expected to develop into a tropical cyclone on Tuesday. […]

Massive heatwave to scorch a third of the country

  Our capital cities should dodge the worst of it, but the first heatwave of the 2023/24 summer will affect huge parts of the country this week, having already warmed up parts of WA over the weekend. The pink zone on the map below shows areas that can expect maximum temperatures of 44°C or higher […]

2023 set to be Earth’s warmest year on record

  Global climate records have been shattered in 2023, with temperatures in the atmosphere and ocean at the warmest levels ever observed, according to a new report.  The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) released a provisional State of the Global Climate report on November 30 to coincide with the start of the COP28 United Nations Climate […]

40 million lightning strikes over Australian regions in November

  November 2023 was a prolific month for thunderstorms in Australia, with 40.5 million lightning strikes detected over the Australian region in the last 30 days. Late-spring is typically a stormy time of year in Australia due to an abundance of warm air, moisture and atmospheric instability. But even by these typically stormy standards, November […]