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Always take the Weather Station with you

Weatherzone Business, a DTN company, offers the ObsConnect Weather Station – providing exact, real-time monitoring of local weather and environmental data to inform your on-site operational decisions.

The ObsConnect Weather Station is Weatherzone’s turn-key solution – simple to install with ongoing maintenance support provided, and easily scaled to serve your business requirements.

Our weather sensor and data hub are expertly assembled in a ready-to-deploy ruggedized cabinet so you can install the Weather Station easily, anywhere. Scheduled verification and preventative maintenance ensure reliability for your peace of mind, while DTN’s MetConsole Cloud data system facilitates seamless integration into your existing online products.

The compact, all-in-one sensor is the first of its kind to integrate all measurements into a single, intelligent package. It offers precise quantification with proven accuracy and efficiency. You will always have the situational data you need, exactly when you need it.

Reduce the time and costs associated with deploying networks of field hardware. The plug-and-play nature of its singular design ensures no specialty tools are required for installing the Weather Station on site, and your data is secure, validated and easily visualised.

Powering smarter weather decisions

With your ObsConnect Weather Station on site, you have precise observations to drive your operational decisions, ensure safety and plan ahead.

From your interface you can oversee your network, generate reports and make informed critical decisions.

Let no weather event catch you off-guard, with a Weather Station giving you the time and accurate intelligence needed to keep your staff and critical infrastructure safe.

Real-Time Data

Expertly calibrated, the ObsConnect Weather Station provides precise observations to validate forecast modelling, improving Weatherzone’s Opticast™ forecast at your site.

Rugged and Reliable

The Weather Station is designed and built to withstand climate extremes, making it fit right in anywhere. Reliable in design, operation and integration into your existing systems.

Simple to Install

You don’t need a PhD, or specialty tools, to put the Weather Station together – it’s easy to assemble and re-locate, and comes with system monitoring and support, 24/7.

How can we serve your business?

Blast Dispersion Modelling

Tailoring solutions to your business

Weatherzone Business works tirelessly to provide the most accurate and comprehensive weather insights to serve your enterprise’s individual needs.

Whether you require severe weather alerting, rapid-update forecasting, solar actuals and forecasts, blast dispersion modelling, in-depth consultancy, easily deployed on-site alerting or any other high-precision meteorological service, we can create a reliable, bespoke solutions.

The weather is our passion, as are the ways in which we work with your business to manage the operational effects of the shifting global climate.

Get in touch with us and we can equip you with the solutions you need to optimise your decision-making and mitigate serious weather risk and cost.

The brightest minds to help light the way.

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