Improve your bottom line with our weather services

Weather affects the insurance business at all levels of operation, from risk assessment to sales and claim management. For this reason, a sound understanding of short and long term weather risks is an essential component of any insurance business.

Weatherzone offers a large range of geo-tagged weather and lightning information, so that you can keep your customers informed, whilst staying one step ahead of severe weather.

Long Range forecasts allow for better planning

Accurate long-term forecasts for rainfall, temperature and tropical cyclones help you better manage risk for the seasons ahead, especially when La Nina or El Nino outlooks scream fire or flood.

Reduce the Financial impact of Severe Weather

Geo-tagged severe weather alerts and real time lightning alerts to a street level can keep your customers better informed to minimise losses, whilst embargoes on new policies can be set before severe weather strikes.

Intuitive, customised and reliable

All-in-one Dashboard

Weatherzone services are delivered through its flagship web based interfaces, accessible by any staff, anytime, anywhere. Designed for your business, the interface provides you with the complete weather and environmental picture and critical business decision making tools, allowing you to make the right decision every time.


Customised overlays on Google Maps provide accurate, real-time monitoring.

Expert advice,24/7

Powerful forecast modules are coupled with written notes from our team of professional meteorologists, so you can plan operations with precise and timely forecasts.

Alerting & SMS

Automatic alerts based on site specific variables sent to wherever you are, when you need to make decisions.

Insurance Products


Observations, lightning, radar, satellite and your site on a single animating display.


Highly detailed forecasts, updated every hour.

Event Reports

Detailed historical records of severe weather and lightning.


Quick verification of weather-related insurance claims.

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