Prepare your customers and insurance business

With industry-leading alerting, forecasting and analysis keeping you ahead of severe weather risk.

Are increasingly volatile weather events affecting your insurance company’s bottom line?

Given weather affects your business at all levels of operation, from risk assessment to sales and claim management, it’s worth gaining the foresight of our industry-leading, comprehensive weather services.

Weatherzone Business, a DTN company, offers you trusted weather intelligence, alerting and analytics to support your business, bringing ease to your risk and claims management.

Severe weather and conditions alerting
Weatherzone’s alerting allows your organisation to mitigate severe weather insurance claims and protect policy holders from lightning, hail, bushfires and other natural disasters. Address specific SMS alerts are sent up to 30 minutes prior to a severe storm’s impact, giving your customers time to prepare themselves, protecting both assets and life. Our alerting system combines the proven technology of TITAN Tracks, with our own Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts (DTAs) and Total Lightning Network, so you are protected by the most precise service available.

Historical severe weather reporting
StormQuery creates storm reports based on historical data from the Bureau of Meteorology and lightning strike information from our own Total Lightning Network. You can draw historical lightning and severe weather reports – geo-tagged to any address and postcode – to quickly and accurately verify severe weather insurance claims. StormQuery is seamlessly embedded within the Weatherzone interface and is easy to visualise and utilise.

Long-range forecasts
Long-range forecasts enable you to prepare for the seasons ahead – whether it’s tropical cyclone risk, La Niña’s above average rainfall or the bushfire seasons of El Niño. With that foresight, you can equip your customers with the strategies they need to mitigate loss due to fire, flood and severe weather. Nurture your relationship with your customers by providing them with the tools to protect themselves and their assets from increasingly volatile conditions. Data from the forecast reports can also be incorporated into your reinsurance negotiations.

Rain, hail or shine: we are there for you, and your customers.

Your customisable Weatherzone interface

Offering organisation-wide situational awareness, your interface integrates all weather threats and information within one easy-to-use and robust system. All of Weatherzone’s alerts, data and systems operate in real-time, ensuring you and your team never miss anything crucial about current or forecast weather conditions. It’s everything you need to enhance your understanding of weather impacts for you and your customers.

Severe Weather Alerting

Your policy holders receive severe weather and bushfire alerts up to 30 minutes before impact, to ensure they can protect themselves and their assets – improving safety outcomes and reducing the need for claims.

Full Situational Awareness

With comprehensive, Australia-wide weather and bushfire awareness, you’ll be well prepared for severe weather events. Effectively plan call centres and embargoes and utilise accurate historical data for reinsurance negotiations.

Full IT Support and Redundancy

Weatherzone provides you with 24/7 IT support, 365 days per year. We deliver service levels in excess of 99.98% to ensure that these critical services remain robust, reliable and fully redundant, all of the time.

Weather intelligence solutions

Choose the products you need to deliver precise data and maximise your operational capacity.

7-Day Tropical Cyclone Service

Helping you help your policy holders

Australia wide coverage
We combine the intelligence of TITAN Tracks (for densely populated areas) with both our DTAs and Total Lightning Network. We also collate data from state-based fire agencies and incorporate 14 day Fire Danger Forecasts. Our coverage is Australia wide, so none of your policy holders are left in the dark when severe weather, floods or bushfire threaten.

In-depth advising on severe weather
This enables effective planning of call centres and embargoes. Severe weather events that can result in significant losses are identified, so you and your policy holders can prepare and mitigate weather insurance risk.

How alerts are delivered
You can choose how severe weather and bushfire alerts are delivered to your policy holders, giving you communication options. Weatherzone can send warnings on your behalf via SMS and email, or we can deliver alerts to you via an API, so you have full control and can use them for embargo management.

We’re here to ensure your communication with your policy holders is timely and accurate, and that you have the most precise weather and bushfire information available to you to mitigate and manage weather insurance risk.

We would love to work with you, keeping your customers safe and keeping you steps ahead, every day.

Give your customers the best chance to stay informed and safe.

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40 million lightning strikes over Australian regions in November

  November 2023 was a prolific month for thunderstorms in Australia, with 40.5 million lightning strikes detected over the Australian region in the last 30 days. Late-spring is typically a stormy time of year in Australia due to an abundance of warm air, moisture and atmospheric instability. But even by these typically stormy standards, November […]