More rain for WA

Another northwest cloud band has brought significant rain to parts of the southwest during the last 24 hours, with more to come. 

The largest totals southwest WA has seen in the 24 hours leading up to 9am on Wednesday, June 12 were; 

  • Maxon Farm recorded 31mm  
  • Lancelin (defence) saw 19.2mm fall 
  • 14.8mm fell at Bunbury  
  • Lynton observed 10mm 
  • Meanwhile Perth only saw 1.4mm 

The satellite images below show the northwest cloud band continuing to bring rain to parts of southwest WA on Wednesday morning.  

Image: Himawari-9 satellite image and radar showing the three hours leading up to 8am AWST on Wednesday, June 12.  

The image below shows one model’s forecast rainfall on Wednesday and early Thursday, with widespread falls of 10 to 20 millimetres stretching from the Gascoyne down to the Eucla coast, including parts of the Central Wheat Belt. Isolated falls of 30 to 50mm could fall in parts of the Gascoyne and Goldfields districts on Wednesday. 

Image: 24 hour accumulated rainfall to 2am AWST on Thursday, June 13, according to Access-G 

Rain should ease on Thursday as the northwest cloud band progresses east into SA. However, a cold front will sweep across southwest WA on Sunday, bringing another bout of rain and thunderstorms. Ahead of the cold front, temperatures will be relatively warm in Perth reaching around 21°C.  

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