Our accurate weather forecasts save time, money and improve safety.

As a construction project manager, you have the challenging task of managing projects while being at the mercy of one uncontrollable element:  the weather.

While we can’t change the weather, Weatherzone® can help you save time, money and improve worker safety by giving you highly accurate half hourly weather forecasts as well as custom radar and lightning interfaces.

Anticipating rain, wind, heat and lightning storms allows you to plan and make critical decisions more efficiently.

The benefits of using Weatherzone

  • Efficient project planning. Construction projects are easily affected by rain, wind, heat and lightning storms, so anticipating these events allows for more efficient project planning.
  • Correct timing of concrete pouring. Exact timing of rain can allow for more effective planning of critical concrete pouring operations.
  • Delays can be avoided. Early anticipation of extreme heat can allow for efficient rostering and task planning in order to avoid delays.
  • Precisely plan crane work. Detailed wind forecasts allows for proper planning of crane work.
  • Track lightning to ensure safety. Real time lightning tracking provides early warning of lightning, which is essential when workers are outdoors or in open elevated environments.
  • Plan critical tasks effectively. Opticast® can allow project managers to plan critical tasks down to great detail.

Weatherzone products

  • Stormtracker®. On a single animating display, Weatherzone Business Portal provides a storm tracking feature combining observations, lightning, radar, satellite and your construction site.
  • Opticast®. Opticast® gives highly detailed forecasts, which are updated every hour.
  • 14 Day Forecast. The 14 Day Forecast allows project managers to plan rosters, logistics and resources in advance.
  • Alerts and Alarms. Forecast alerts out to 7 days for specific areas are updated daily by meteorologists with written commentaries, while observational alarms allow real-time monitoring of severe weather events.

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