‘Weatherzone has been a key supplier of weather information to AGL. The supplied services have included specific and customised forecasts, educational seminars from meteorologists, attractive web-based information and a range of innovative products developed in response to specific requests. Our experience to date is that the management and staff of Weatherzone are highly responsive to AGL’s interest and needs, and display an ongoing dedication to continual improvement in the services provided to us’.


Accurate and independent weather information that is fully customised to your needs

In order to make timely and profitable decisions, you need accurate and independent weather information that is fully customised to your specific needs.  Weatherzone is the market leader in the provision of weather services across all aspects of the electricity and gas energy industries.

As the Australian experts, you get the most highly regarded forecast technology in the meteorological services industry. Many clients come to us because their need for accuracy has not been met by free forecasting services.

Partnering with us will lead to enormous financial benefits for your organisation.  For further information, please visit Why Choose Us?

Benefits of using Weatherzone

  • Make the right calls. Use our accurate and independent forecasting information to make timely and informed decisions.
  • Meets your specific needs. A customised and individualised solution for your specific requirements.
  • Fast assistance every day of the year. We are a responsive and dependable ally.  We give you fast assistance 365 days a year.
  • Experts at your fingertips. You make the most of our highly qualified Australian meteorologists.
  • A powerful partnership. Weather is the single biggest driver in the day to day demand for energy. When you partner with us, you partner with a private company that respects your needs.

Customised energy weather solutions

  • Trading and Risk.  Weatherzone specialises in providing weather forecasts to trading floors in banks, energy companies and trading houses across Australia.
  • Generation and Demand Forecasting. Timely and accurate weather information is critical in effectively planning energy generation needs.
  • Renewable Energy.  Accurate planning of short and long term generation in the renewable market is an essential aspect of maximising financial returns on these assets.
  • Network Management.  Custom interfaces combining network assets with severe weather information allows network managers to efficiently allocate resources.

Get in touch

To create positive financial outcomes through innovative and customised weather solutions, please call Weatherzone for a no obligation chat on +61-2-9965 9200, or send us an email via our Contact page.