Learn how weather forecasts will help you construct more accurate Sales Models that result in better Inventory Management and winning Marketing Campaigns.

It is widely recognised that every element of retail is greatly affected by the weather. At Weatherzone, we understand the elements of the weather better than anyone else based on crucial weather trends and occurrence probabilities. For example, we understand: that store traffic fluctuates along with what the ‘sky’ is doing, that the purchase of fresh fruit and vegetables fluctuate with the change in temperature; that apparel either walks off the shelves during sales or remains on shelf depending on how efficiently they are synchronised with seasonal change; that heaters and cooling equipment can prompt a rush of sales if they’re available at just the right time.

Weatherzone provides highly accurate half hourly weather forecasts and industry-leading Long Range Forecasts to assist you in calculating in-store traffic, shopper trends, managing inventory and planning for successful seasonal campaigns.

The benefits of using Weatherzone

  • Accuracy leads to better sales results. Opticast service forecasts local temperatures, which can lead to predictions of fresh food sales. Sales need not fall short of projections or stock on shelf anymore.
  • Rostering is a breeze. Our industry-leading 14 Day Forecast will assist with rostering, inventory control and shipping logistics.
  • Risk can be managed effectively. Long Range Forecasts allow Retail buyers to manage risk and stock levels on weather-sensitive product lines.
  • Weather information pays for itself. Top retailers who invest in the services of Weatherzone feel as though they’ve found a missing piece to a complex puzzle. Making critical decisions based on last year’s results and ‘normal’ weather patterns can prove to be ineffective.
  • Making decisions is so much easier. Whether you’re planning a marketing campaign, a markdown on stock or in-store promotion, outcomes are more likely to occur based on more informed decisions.

Weatherzone products

  • Opticast. Predicts local temperatures; which leads to accurate forecast in sales of products that are sensitive to changes in temperature.
  • 14 Day Forecast. This allows management to plan rosters, logistics and resources with greater confidence.
  • Long Range Forecast. Ideal for planning long term Retail and Consumer buying strategy.

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