Unseasonably warm winter temperatures this week



Sydney will enjoy a brief spell of unseasonably warm weather on Wednesday, although the break from winter won’t last long. 

Sydney woke up to its warmest morning in two months on Wednesday, with the overnight temperature dropping to only 12.8 degrees. This was nearly five degrees above the July average.  

On the back of the warm start to the day, Sydney and Bankstown’s temperatures on Wednesday are set to hit 25 degrees, which is 7-9 degrees above average and also the highest maximums since early May.  

However, the unseasonable warmth will be short-lived.  

A cold front will reach Sydney on Wednesday evening, dropping daytime and nighttime temperatures by several degrees. . The temperature in Sydney could dip to around five degrees on Friday morning, which would be one of the city’s coldest mornings so far this winter. 

Days and nights will also be unusually warm in Brisbane during the middle of this week. 

The city is forecast to reach a top of 26 degrees on Wednesday, dropping to 25 degrees on Thursday, and 22 degrees on Friday. 

Compared to the mean maximum temperature for this time of year in Brisbane of 22.1 degrees, they’re practically beach conditions. 

The mercury is predicted to dip to a mild minimum temperature of 15 degrees on Thursday morning, much warmer than the long-term average in Brisbane of 10.4 degrees. The warm overnight temperatures will be brief though, dropping to below average by Friday morning. 

Are the southern states missing out?  

Not at all, Adelaide’s warmest day this week is likely to be Friday, with the daytime temperature forecast to reach five degrees above average. While Melbourne’s warmest temperature for the week is on Saturday, with maximum temperature reaching three degrees above the July average. 

So, what is behind the warm winter temperatures? 

Ahead of a cold front expected Wednesday evening in Sydney, strong northwesterly winds are dragging an unseasonably warm airmass across eastern Australia (figure 1).  

The warm northwesterly winds and sunny conditions are creating a pleasant respite from the winter chill. 


Figure 1: ECMWF 2m temperature and wind forecast at 1pm, July 28. 


Is there another warm spell coming? 

The eastern states are in luck, temperatures are likely to creep back into above-average territory from this Saturday through until Wednesday next week.  

Another warm airmass will descend over the eastern states ahead of another cold front. Again, warm northwesterly winds and sunny skies are behind the barmy winter temperatures.  

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