Six days of rain and storms in eastern Australia

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A prolonged spell of rain and thunderstorms will hit Queensland and NSW during the next six days, with more than 100mm of rain possible in some recently flooded areas of eastern Australia. 

A slow-moving upper-level trough interacting with warm and moisture-laden air will trigger widespread rain and storms in eastern Australia each day between this Thursday and at least Tuesday next week. 

There is still some uncertainty around where and when the rain from this system will fall. However, several forecast models are predicting substantial rain over eastern and northeast NSW. The maps below show the predicted accumulated rain between now and next Tuesday from three forecast models.  

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Image: Forecast accumulated rain during the next week, according to the ECMWF (left), GFS (centre) and ACCESS-G (right) models.

The maps above show that while there is still some model disagreement about rainfall amounts, most models agree that parts of eastern or northeast NSW will be a focus for heavy rain during the coming week. 

Unfortunately, there is potential for accumulated totals in excess of 100 mm in areas of central and northeast NSW that were recently affected by flooding. If this comes off it could cause renewed flooding in some areas. 

With so much uncertainty still at play around this potentially high impact weather event, it will be important to regularly check the latest forecasts, warnings and flood watches in your area over the coming week. 

Weatherzone meteorologists will be closely monitoring this event and can provide regular updates to clients in this region, for more information, please contact us at