Why are weather observations important?

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Observations of atmospheric humidity, pressure, temperature, wind speed, wind direction, cloud cover, precipitation, visibility, and other weather phenomena are vital for accurate weather forecasting.  

Weatherzone Business, a DTN company, offers the ObsConnect weather station – providing exact, real-time monitoring of local weather and environmental data to inform your on-site operational decisions. 

Why are observations important? 

– Observations can alert you or meteorologists of any adverse weather nearby. Exact real time monitoring of the weather can support operational intelligence for improved decision making and provide important environmental information to your site teams. 

 – They are critical for producing accurate weather forecasts. Weather forecast models work by taking current observations and extrapolating forward into the future. If your location has an observation station which can be used in the weather model’s forecast, it can help train the model and improve the accuracy of the forecast at your location.  

 -Observations are critical for assessing the accuracy of weather forecasts. Our model, Opticast™ adapts and updates every five minutes based on real time observations, and the latest guidance from a suite of Numerical Weather Prediction models. 

Weatherzone’s ObsConnect weather station 

Australia has a large network of observations, which are mostly located in major towns or cities. Weather can vary a huge amount from location to location with changing topography and terrain, so a weather station 20km away may not be a good representation of the weather you can expect at your location. 

Weatherzone has deployed its own network of weather stations across Australia, bringing accurate, site-specific weather data to you in real time. 

ObsConnect from Weatherzone, a DTN company, is a turnkey solution, comprising of three main components: the instrumentation / sensor package / suite, the ObsConnect IoT Gateway and the MetConsole Cloud data integration system. 

The expertly calibrated weather sensor package provides the precise observation required for validation of forecast modelling, greatly improving Weatherzones Opticast™ Forecast at your site. 

The ObsConnect weather station will be installed and maintained by Weatherzone  offering reliability, maintenance support and ease of scalability. For more information, please contact us at business@weatherzone.com.au